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Supply of systems and equipment for power reactors

Piscine nucléaire

Turnkey supply of basic equipment and systems for power plants

  • Fuel storage racks
  • Metal cladding for pits and cavities
  • Fuel handling equipment
  • Filters for containment spray systems
  • HVAC and fire protection systems
  • Solid, liquid and gaseous waste treatment systems



Turnkey supply of integrated systems and installations

  • Equipment and internal systems for fuel buildings (handling, cooling, containment)
  • Installation of emergency generators
  • Thermo-fluid systems in reactor building (safety injection and containment spray systems)
  • Thermo-fluid systems for nuclear auxiliaries, engineered safety features, the turbine hall (water supply)
  • Systems and installations for general services and Balance Of Plant (BOP)



Our references

Boron meter for the Chemical and Volume Control System
Conception, manufacturing and installation of an external boron meter on the CVC systems of reactors in operation of the French nuclear fleet