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Boron meter for the Chemical and Volume Control System

Conception, manufacturing and installation of an external boron meter on the CVC systems of reactors in operation of the French nuclear fleet

Boron meter for the Chemical and Volume Control System


To provide increased protection against the risk of accidents due to uncontrolled boration dilution within the primary circuit, a boron concentration detector must be designed, qualified and incorporated into the CVCS.
In 2014, following a prescription issued by the Nuclear Safety authorities, the Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear/Comex Nucléaire consortium signed a contract with EDF DIPDE to collaborate on the « CVCS boronmeter» project.

Service provided

  1. Design and qualification (K3ad category) for all units:
    • Conception and qualification of the support system enabling to incorporate the boron meter into the CVCS in the BAN
    • Studies to inspect existing CVCS piping and supports
    • Vulnerability studies to identify agressors and impacted zones under seism
    • Design of protections against seismic agression
    • Design of reinforced protection of control panels/cabinets
    • Conception of tools/equipment for on-site assembly
  2. Supplies for the 900 MWe units:
    • Meter support system
    • Asssembly/mounting tools/equipment
    • All on-site logistics
  3. On-sitemounting for the 900 Mwe units:
    • Management of JV/EDF interface throughout the entire operation
    • On-site installation (excluding neutron source and operating tests):
      • cabling,
      • meter installation,
      • floor fixings and wiring of the control cabinets,
      • installation of anti-seismic protections and reinforcements



Country: France


Project details:

  • Duration: 2015/2022
    • 2 years of design and K3ad qualification (2015-2016) representing 15 months of work for Onet Technologies
    • 6 years of site supply and deployment (2017-2022)
  • 8 Onet Technologies staff members involved in the study and qualification phases (2015-2016)
  • Number of NPP concerned
    • Design and qualification : 58 units (CPY, CP0, P4, P’4 and N4)
    • Supply and installation of the equipment for the 900MWe sites : 32 units



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