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Waste treatment

Complete mastery of the entire cycle

We master the entire cycle of radioactive waste management and the treatment of other dangerous waste materials.
We have our own waste treatment and intermediate storage centre, Sogeval, which we hold at your disposal, along with our new patented containers.



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Our know how

  • Collection, sorting, conditioning, intermediate storage and treatment of radiological waste
  • Soil recovery - radiological and chemical clean-up



Our markets

  • Electronuclear park
  • Fuel cycle facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Radioactive waste storage installations
  • France and International


Our added value


ONET Technologie - Nouveau Conteneurs - 550
  • SOGEVAL, our own classified facility for the treatment and intermediate storage of radioactive waste 
  • Overall mastery of the waste managment cycle from characterisation to final disposal 
  • Patented containers




Examples of references


42 projet Trisaia
  • SOGEVAL, our own radioactive waste storage and treatment plant
  • System for the recovery and treatment of liquid borated waste: design, construction, installation & commissioning - Kozloduy, Bulgaria
  • Overall project management for the design, construction and industrial commissioning of a sodium (Na) and special alloys (NaK) destruction plant, Dessel (PAMELA building) – ONDRAF, Belgium
  • Recovery of historical, lightly-irradiated waste – CEA Cadarache
  • Design, and construction of a historical waste recovery plant on the site of Trisaïa – SOGIN, Italy