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Management of the complete waste cycle

Integrated services and solutions for all stages of the waste treatment cycle


Present right from the on-site inventory of waste to the delivery of processed waste packages at their final destination, Onet Technologies also provides its clients with solutions for atypical wastes or wastes with no bespoke processing systems.



Onet Technologies takes charge of all phases in the waste management cycle on behalf of its clients:

  • Management and optimisation at the clients’ sites
  • Characterisation
  • Technical and economic decisions concerning the choice of the best waste treatment processes
  • Conditioning
  • Implementation of proven or innovative waste treatment procedures
  • Transport


Onet Technologies has acquired the capacity to run its clients’ facilities due to the expertise that it has gained in operating its own waste treatment facility, Sogeval.

When operating its clients' facilities, its principal missions include:

  • consulting
  • supervision
  • management guidance
  • operating
  • process maintenance in accordance to the norms concerning the quantity and quality of waste packages produced by the systems

Pégase 3D

Pégase is a plutonium waste processing facility at the CEA in Cadarache.

After the design and construction of this facility, Onet Technologies was entrusted with its commissioning and operating.
This turn-key contract included the provision of a nuclear measurement and characterisation workshop, secure transfer systems, a waste processing workshop, transport to ANDRA and finally, the operation of the facility.

The construction was completed in March 2014.