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Outsource the treatment of your radioactive waste

Via its bespoke Sogeval facility, in which 1000 tons of nuclear waste are treated annually, Onet Technologies provides its clients with unique capacities for the treatment and intermediate storage of nuclear waste, materials and equipments

  • Storage area of 4 200 m2
  • 290 20-foot containers
  • Modular intervention chambers
  • 480 m2 - 5 chambers


A panel of tailor-made solutions

  • Comparison and selection of the most technically and economically advantageous processes
  • Studies of new processes and associated R&D
  • Treatment and repackaging
  • Preparation of the files for authorisation and accreditation applications
  • Temporary storage
  • Responsibility from collection at the producer’s site to the final destination
  • Material and packaging decontamination 

    Liquid waste treatment

  • Asbestos waste treatment
  • Non-destructive inspections



Tri des déchets radioactifs SOGEVAL

Our added value:

  • Industrial agility: Sogeval is a link in your waste management process
  • Logistics flexibility: vast temporary storage capacities allow disencumbering and freeing saturated local storage zones and buildings.
  • Investment liberty: being able to turn to Sogeval avoids blocking investment capacity in the construction of facilities or the acquisition of equipment
  • Time-saving proactivity: the installation's modularity enables to rapidly adapt to demands while ensuring optimised lead times
  • Engineering department dedicated to radioactive waste management
  • Diversity of processed waste materials: waste from dismantling operations, asbestos removal, WEEE (electrical and electronic waste), laboratoires, ANDRA super inspections …




The covering container solution



An all-inclusive service allowing to take charge of the transport of waste and material from the producer’s site until our Sogeval facility.